2024 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Taiwan Season: Seed Dance Company "Lost Connection"

2024/8/1-25 (Mondays off) Summerhall - Main Hall

· 近期製作,現代舞音樂聲響設計

|Performance Time and Venue|
2024/08/01-25 (Mondays off) 13:35
Summerhall - Main Hall(1 Summerhall Square, Newington, Edinburgh EH9 1PL, UK)

Are you also looking at your phone?

Are the people around you staring at their screens instead of talking to you?

| Program Introduction |
Addicted to any mobile devices or know others who are? If so, Wen-Jen Huang's restlessly swift, hot-wired dance quartet should produce jolts of recognition. Her dynamic new work is based upon the contemporary socio-cultural phenomenon of phubbing (paying more attention to one's mobile, etc. than to the people you're with). Guided by the choreographer's laser-like kinetic intelligence, the dancers slice and slide through space with a desperate, unpredictable energy. Fair warning: their self-absorbed, pressure-cooked state of being could be both exciting and distressing. European premiere.


| Creative Team |
Artistic Director | Wen-Jen Huang
Executive Producer | Jen-Feng Ho
Music Composition and Sound Design | Enoch Chen
Arts Administration | Hsiao-Hsuan Hou
Performers | Wen-Jen Huang, Kapitjuan Kadrangian, Tzu-Yin Chen, Pin-Ho Wang

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| Music and Sound Design Works |


Title of the Work
Interpretation and Concept